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High quality is our principle of service. We have impeccable production bases and execute strict quality control management on our superior printing equipment and packaging equipment. We have the SGS Certificate and CE Certificate. Additionally, our product quality has been widely recognized by customers around the world.


We will carry out systematic inspection on every printing machine, packaging machine or printing product before delivery. Our check list is as below:


1. The consistency of equipment's basic parameters and the contract's content
1) Configuration
2) Voltage (should be measured by ammeter; values should be noted down​​)
3) Speed ​​(should be tested under the condition of starting up; values should be noted down​​)
4) Producible products' available ranges and dimensions


2. Appearance of the printing presses and packaging machinery (photo should be taken) 
1) The paint's solidity, brightness and fastness
2) The casting's smoothness 
3) The installation's correctness; the screw's tightness
4) The color's accordance with customer requirement


3. Product test (video should be made) 
1) The test's environment and condition
2) The required time of commissioning 
3) The speed meeting the requirement
4) Problem in operation


4. Program, software, manual and designation of the equipment (photos should be taken) 
1) The use of PrintYoung' trademark or customers' designated trademark 
2) The use of customers' specified language on the touch-screen


5. Product packaging (photo should be taken)
1) The confirmation of the necessity to use fumigated wooden box 
2) The marks' correctness


6. The installation of customers' required accessories; the photo should be taken individually.

  • Shanghai Printyoung International Industry Co.,Ltd
    Standard: CE
    Number: M.2021.206.C68352
    Issue Date: 2021-10-15
    Expiry Date: 2026-10-14
    Scope/Range: Automatic Vertical Stamping & Die-Cutting Machine
    Issued By: UDEM
  • Shanghai Printyoung International Industry Co.,Ltd
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    Expiry Date:
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